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Group therapy can be a powerful way to heal; in fact, research has demonstrated that group therapy at times can be more effective than individual therapy

Being in a group setting allows us to realise that we are not alone in our struggles, that other people – wonderful, talented and strong people – struggle just like us

There truly is “strength in numbers“

Through observing others, we begin to see that our pain is not unique and we are more normal than we think

We learn to provide and accept support

Receiving acceptance from others helps us accept ourselves, and providing support to others can create a sense of purpose and worth as we demonstrate how we can powerfully affect the lives of others and help them and us heal


As mentioned before there can be many benefits to group therapy sessions

Here are some of the most common benefits

. It will help you realise you are not alone

A lot of clients seek therapy because they feel as if they are the only person experiencing the struggles they are facing. However , you might be surprised when you realise that many people are feeling exactly the same as you do. You might have a unique history that led you to where you are today, but the feelings are almost always shared by someone else, even if they are grappling with different circumstances. As we see our struggles n another person and experience compassion for them, it can help us begin to cultivate greater self- acceptance and compassion for our own struggles and realise we are not broken

. It helps make it easier to give and receive support

Group therapy is not conducted like a group interview, where each person turns to the therapist to answer a specific question. Instead, you are encouraged to turn to each other; maybe share a similar experience, and provide empathy and encouraging words. This can be a meaningful way to connect with others and feel supported and cared for while also providing support and caring for others

. It can help you relate to other people and yourself in a healthier way

Through group therapy, you are able to explain why you might ask someone a question, or why you might take certain actions, and get feedback from the members in your group on better ways to go about it, or what you are doing well. This way, you can implement what you learn into your real life and benefit from it. Feedback can help you see yourself from a different angle and see perspectives about your issues and relationships in a new light that can allow you to take a more empowered approach

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