Psychotherapy and Counselling Services Sydney

About John

My desire is to help Couples and Individuals come to a point where depression, loneliness and anxiety are no longer controlling factors in your life and are replaced by courage, self love, and deep relational connections. When you learn tools to excavate and integrate parts of yourself you left behind, you are capable of facing and becoming more than you can imagine…..

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Our Philosophy

In order to experience our deepest recesses of joy and peace, we must first have the courage to face our fears that’s why I use a wide range of research- proven therapy techniques to help transform anxiety, depression and loneliness into joy, freedom and connectedness so whatever your situation, our goal is to help find clarity, purpose and strength.

Through the therapy process, I will help you cultivate an unshakeable resiliency that you carry into every challenge you face. The purpose of our therapy practice is to help you become free from the grip of anxiety, depression, addiction and hurtful relationships. As human beings we all struggle at times. Healing is when these struggles no longer control you

Individual Counselling

Are you struggling to manage ?
Feeling overwhelmed at times and unhappy ?
Wanting more joy in your life ?
Yearning for more meaning and purpose ?

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services Sydney

Relationship Counselling

Have you lost the art of loving connection ?
Unable to express feelings and emotions with your partner ?
Do you want a more soulful and loving relationship ?
Do you want to be embraced for who you are?